Cynoia behind the scenes.

As a team, we aim to revolutionize team work standards by providing the coolest workstation and also by advocating a team first spirit!

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What is Cynoia?

Cynoia started as a dream to change the way businesses collaborate, to work hand in hand with businesses to improve team efficiency, productivity and digital well being. We were there, we know the struggles and now we’re here so you won’t have to face them anymore.

These folks work day and night (literally) for the sake of optimizing your work and providing your team with the luxury of digital well-being.
As a team, we’re driven by our mission
Revolutionizing the way teams collaborate, and being a real partner to businesses, big and small so they could unlock their full potential.

we’re driven by our values

You know, being an advocate of a team first culture, we need to implement it on ourselves first


A young, passionate and inclusive team working in the coolest atmosphere.


We value sharing, collaboration and continuous learning.


In a mission to innovate, create and make an impact.


Take initiative, take action! your contribution is always valuable.

Idea driven

We value ideas over hierarchy, everyone is involved in everything.


Empowerement and appreciation is what keeps the team going forward.

At Cynoia !

We do everything to satisfy our clients.
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Coffees per day

Founding Team

Nassreddine Riahi


Skander Essid


Ayoub Rabeh