Drowning in your tools while your team is off track?

We know it’s hard to stay afloat in a sea of tools and browser tabs.

A scattered team is no team at all.

Your team's work focus is scattered with all the different apps, they switch between tabs at least once every 10 sec.
Poor collaboration decreases employee moral by 33% according to a recent study.
At Cynoia, we're convinced that a scattered team is no team at all.

Stop managing tools, start managing processes

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Save your time

Teams mention that one of their biggest pain points is unproductive business as Harvard Business Review calls it. Cynoia is the bedrock that successful companies are built on.

Centralize your work

Research has indicated that centralization is the best way to get things done and to unify information so that your team functions like well-oiled machines.

Unify your team

Teams are tired of keeping track of the flow of information. Cynoia integrates a painless process implementing synchronous communication.

Unlock your potential

No more wasting time on juggling between apps, with Cynoia you will have more time to unlock your team’s potential.

Want to revolutionize your team collaboration ?

Collaborate better, work faster

Great tools that will make your team's life easier

Video conferencing

Your online meetings with your team or your partners.

Messaging & Chat

Real time messaging, video and audio messages.

File Sharing

Store your important files and share within your team.

Task & Project

Plan, assign and track your team’s projects and tasks.


Your appointments and events in one view.


Access all your email inboxes from a single place.

Stop Scattering

Avoid a half-baked work plan !

Chat, Videoconferencing and E-mails

Start communicating
Keep your team updated on every new piece of information by bringing all your communication tools to one platform.

Calendars, Task Managers and File storage.

Start Collaborating

Keep track of all your project status and team’s progress with one view.

Calendars, Projects and Files.

Start Collaborating

Keep track of all your project status and team’s progress with one view.

API Integrations

Start Integrating
Bring all your data from your already existing tools and connect them to Cynoia hub.

Cynoia, the hub for diverse teams.

Small or big, together or from different time zones, creative, technical or operational, we’re here to make your life easier.

Together for a better productivity

Adding value, not complexity.

This is why we do what we do

hear it from Cynoia's customers.

Amazed by the concept
Cynoia is exactly what our business has been lacking.
I could probably go into sales for you.
Jamnan Law
You guys are onto something great !
The product and opportunity is really strong, I think simplifying the messaging would be helpful.
Kenny Hanson
CEO - MentorPass
Wish you all the best !
I think simplifying the collaboration would be helpful.
I really liked your idea ! Hoping a bright future for your biz!
Carlo Occhiena
Founder of Pulsee
Customer experience !
I like your steadfast application of user feedback to your product development, and it's a really useful reminder of how much more we should be doing.
Chris Carde
CEO - HeyCharge