All-in-one team communication and collaboration tool for companies

Cynoia simplifies the sharing of information, stimulates exchanges and streamlines work via an all-in-one collaborative platform.


Why choose us ?

Spend less time, get more productivity.

You may need many tools at work.
But, what apps make you most frequently switch and get lost in tabs on a daily basis?
It should be Chat, Videomeeting, Calendar & Tasks.
If yes, it’s time to switch them off and Cynoia on to be more focused and productive.
No more juggling through various apps for channels and projects. With Cynoia, all your work comes in handy.

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Everything you need

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No more switching tabs! Chat with your team and add a topic so it’s searchable and easy to find.

Share screen, files, links or set tasks to bring more context to your discussions.



Meeting or making a private call, bringing your team from different locations and time zones into one Redefine the way you think of remote teams with Cynoia audio and video calls.

Simply open the chat and reach out to a whole team or individual team member with high quality audio and video calls. Cynoia Calls put you only one tap away from organizing an effective place.



Cynoia helps you schedule meetings without sending and receiving emails.



No need to train your team on a new tool, Cynoia looks and feels like Outlook or Gmail, so your team can be remote-ready in a snap.

Cynoia helps your team spend less time sorting through emails and more time on productive work



Organize your daily life with Todo, by adding all your tasks to your to-do list wherever you are or whatever device you use

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You can access all Cynoia built-in features for Free !!!

  • Chat with your coworkers
  • Join videomeetings
  • Access your Email INBOX
  • Manage your Project & Tasks
  • Keep an eye on your agenda

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Great teams get more done with Cynoia

Your team save an average of 20 hours a week with Cynoia.

What you will get with Cynoia

You can use Cynoia as a complementary or alternative solutions, our key features are listed below

Ease of use

User experience enhanced.
Dont struggle to use the tools
we mainly focused in the process to offer customers a way to easily navidgate and use our solution.

Modular price

You only need to pay for what you need, without any hidden or additional fees.


Cynoia is built to process messages from many communitions channels : Messenger, WhatsApp, E-mails, Linkedin...


All the data are crypted when stored on the databases and most of the communication process are done Peer-To-Peer.

You are not alone

Customer satisfaction is our first priority

Our team will be always available if you need any support You can request help throught [email protected] or via our integrated Live-chat.

They trust us

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What people say

Jamnan Law

Cynoia is exactly what our business has been lacking. I could probably go into sales for you.

Jamnan Law


Kenny Hanson

You guys are onto something great. The product and opportunity is really strong, I think simplifying the messaging would be helpful.

Kenny Hanson

CEO MentorPass

Carlo Occhiena

I think simplifying the messaging would be helpful.

I really liked your idea! Hoping a bright future for your biz!

Carlo Occhiena

Founder of Pulsee

Chris Carde

I like your steadfast application of user feedback to your product development, and it's a really useful reminder of how much more we should be doing.

Chris Carde

CEO HeyCharge