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We’re small friendly and Talented Team.

Who are we ?

Cynoia is a Tunisian startup launched in October 2019 by three co-founders who recognized the importance of communication in corporate efficiency.

Since then, we have collaborated with several businesses to create solutions that assist professionals in achieving better results through improved communication.

The Team

Nassreddine RIAHI

Cofounder & CEO


Cofounder & CIO

Skander ESSID

Cofounder & CTO

Our Mission

Our goal has always been to transform people’s attitudes toward work and to assist teams in realizing their full potential.

We aim to help individuals save time by increasing the efficiency of their work.

We’ve made great strides from the clunky desktop computer and business software that had to be loaded from a disk.

With everything migrating to the cloud, productivity apps have multiplied.

While we adore productivity apps, we believe that productivity as a whole is flawed. There are simply far too many tools to keep tabs on and too many things that exist in completely different ecosystems. As a result, you must frequently navigate across apps for communication, task management, and document processing, which reduces productivity. Furthermore, most communication still happens in real-time, resulting in additional diversions, conferences, and lengthier work hours.

We believe that, in a society where many of us work from home, businesses should adopt a more multi-modal approach to teamwork. Cynoia simplifies this by merging texting and video chat with task, note, and file capabilities and putting them all in one place. We are also compatible with other technologies you may already be using, such as Zoom and Google Drive, and we’re working on several more integrations.

At Cynoia, we’re on a quest to give anyone the capacity to operate from any location. This allows you to have more flexibility over your workday, increase your productivity, and keep meetings for the most crucial issues.

With the proper tools and approach, it becomes easier and more efficient to collaborate with your teammates. Everyone is in the loop, people can pick up where they left off when they’re ready, and work is done seamlessly.

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We started with three experienced people passionated by IT.

Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience.

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